Fall Baseball 7U-14U

Fallball Program Overview

BAA's Fallball Program provides teams with an opportunity to play additional games in the months of September and October.

  • Teams compete at the next age level (7U's of current season play 8U in Fallball)
  • BAA Provides Uniforms as needed 
  • 10 Game schedule. 
  • Games played  Thursday - Sunday
  • Drop dead time of 1 hour 45 minutes  
  • Softball Division will be provided if there is sufficient interest.

2016 Fall Ball Information

Those softball teams interested should contact Norm Rich at normanr@me.com   

Registration for the 2016 Ballwin Athletic Association Fall Baseball Program will begin on July 1ST. REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY ON THIS WEBSITE; NO WALK-IN REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE. Ballwin will host baseball leagues for players 7U - High School. Teams will play at their 2017 age groups. Every player must be registered individually by his parents. Teams will be scheduled to play 10 games, with an 8 game guarantee -- fall ball teams are able to play in the GMB Labor Day tournament for a reduced fee -TBD



$85 per player (6U - 14U)


$30 family fee if new to Ballwin this fall (includes managers and coaches)


2 work duties or $85 buyout (per family not per player)


Missed work duties are $150 fine per shift


$120 per HS player - no work duties or family fee

Managers can begin entering their Fallball reserve lists on-line on June 15th. THE MANAGER'S SCHEDULING MEETING WILL BE HELD SUNDAY August 7th:

Fallball League play is scheduled to begin on August 11. The league should be completed by the first weekend of October. Games will be played Tuesday through Sunday.

For more information please contact Norman Rich B.A.A. Commissioner at normanr@me.com  or 314-878-3599.Managers who are interested in having a team should contact Norman Rich as soon as possible. All questions concerning the High School Fall Ball League should be directed to the BAA Webmaster at webmaster@baapark.net or Jeff Stuesse at jeff@stuesse.com

Teams Looking For Players

The following teams are looking for players for the 2016 Fall season. Listed by Manager's name UNDER the age group.
PLEASE NOTE: Fall Ball Teams play the age group that they'll play in the following Spring


7U(May 1, 2009 - April 30,2010)
None at this time

8u(May 1, 2008-April 30, 2009)
None at this time

9u(May 1,2007-April 30,2008)
None at this time  

10u(May 1,2006-April 30 2007)   
None at this time 

11u(May 1,2005-April 30,2006) 
None at this time

12u(May 1,2004-April 30,2005)
Terry Cancilla  jtcanilla@hotmail.com
Russ Graves gravesxfour@att.net
Michael Gottfried gottfriedphd@gmail.com
Matt Bruns matthewbruns@hotmail.com 

13u(May 1,2003-April 30,2004) 
Tom Brinkley thomas.brinkley@nidec-motor.com 

14u(May 1, 2002-April 30,2003)
None at this time


7U(Jan 1, 2009 - Dec 1,2009)
None at this time 

8u(Jan 1, 2008 - Dec 1,2008 )
None at this time 

9u(Jan 1, 2007 - Dec 1,2007 )
None at this time

10u(Jan 1, 2006 - Dec 1,2006 )   
None at this time 

11u/12U(Jan 1, 2004 - Dec 1,2005 ) 
None at this time

13u/14U(Jan 1, 2002 - Dec 1,2003)
None at this time