Parent Work Duty

  • Each family is required to either buyout or sign up for one work duty
  • The buyout is available at the time of registration for $90
  • Volunteer workers must be 21 years of age or older
  • Failure to fulfill work assignment, will suspend your child from play until $150 fine is paid.
  • If you have a conflict with your work duty it is your responsibility to find a replacement.


Fines for work duty should be sent to:

Ballwin Athletic Association
1 Ballpark Drive
Ballwin, MO  63021

Work Assignments

You may access your work assignment dates by logging into your account 

  • one work duty or buyout per family
  • buyout cost is $90
  • work duty cannot be rescheduled
  • options are to find a replacement or pay fine, if unable to work
  • volunteers must be at least 21 years old
  • "no show" causes the player to be suspended until the $150 fine is paid

Can't Make Your Work Assignment

  1. Trade with another BAA family
  2. Check the website for others who need to trade
  3. Send a request to to post a need to trade
  4. See the BAA approved list of people who will work their duty for a fee
  5. Pay the fine ahead of time ($150) to avoid player suspension

Families Requesting Date Trade

If you would like your name and contact information
listed HERE, please email


Sunday 5/15 8am-1pm Concessions
Contact: Meghan @ 314-229-6854 or


Wednesday 6/8 5 - 10 pm Concessions
Contact: Mike 314-566-0316 or



People who will work shift for a fee

The following people have indicated that they are willing to work Parent Duty for a FEE.

  • Kristina:  (314)556-5150

  • Alicia: or 402-440-8329.

  • Margaret: or 314-422-6215 

  • Jamie: or 314-479-6039

  • Lynn: or 314-494-9460

  • Kristin: or 636-391-7593

  • Mike: or 314-541-3261

  • Vince: or 314-807-0858

  • Diana:  prefers text at 314-799-3772

  • Jeff: prefers a text at 314-562-5520

  • Mike: or 314-420-6342

  • Jason: or 314 858 0098

  • Colleen: or 314 650 4406

  • Marken: 314-609-4701 or


To be added or removed from this list contact