Parent Work Duty

  • Each family is required one Parent Work Duty or Buyout
  • The buyout is available at the time of registration for $100, the buyout is not available after OPENING DAY
  • Parent Work Duty cannot be rescheduled
  • If unable to fulfill your Parent Work Duty, see options below
  • Failure to fulfill work assignment, will suspend your child from play until $175 fine is paid.


Fines for work duty should be sent to:

Ballwin Athletic Association
1 Ballpark Drive
Ballwin, MO  63021

Directions for Parent Work Assignments

DIRECTIONS for Parent Work Duty:

When you arrive at the ballpark, please enter through the back door of the concession stand and SIGN IN. The book is located on the desk to the right. This is how BAA verifies that you worked your shift. If someone else is working for you, they will simply sign by your name.

In the event of inclement weather, please check the website at, HOME PAGE.  If there is no specific information regarding your shift on the website, then you do need to show up as scheduled. If your duty is canceled (on the website), BAA does not reschedule and your commitment is fulfilled.

Can't Make Your Work Assignment?

The BUYOUT is not available after OPENING DAY of the season

ALL duty spots not assigned by OPENING DAY are filled with summer employees

  1. Trade with someone on your team
  2. Trade with another BAA family
  3. Check the website for Families requesting a Date Trade (List is below)
  4. Send a request to to post a need to trade (please send specific information you'd like posted)
  5. See the BAA approved list of people who will work your duty for a fee (List is below)
  6. Find a friend or family member over the age of 21 to work shift
  7. Pay the fine ahead of time ($175) to avoid player suspension


Families Requesting Date Trade

If you would like your name and contact information
listed HERE, please email





BAA provides trade information for your convenience, but takes no responsibility for the trade.

People who will work shift for a fee

The following people have indicated that they are willing to work Parent Duty for a FEE.

  • Kristina:  314-556-5150

  • Ajay: prefers text 773-793-4385

  • Alicia: or 402-440-8329

  • Margaret: or 314-422-6215 

  • Jamie: or 314-479-6039

  • Lynn: or 314-494-9460

  • Kristin: or 636-391-7593

  • Mike: or 314-541-3261

  • Vince: or 314-807-0858

  • Diana:  prefers text at 314-799-3772

  • Jeff: prefers a text at 314-562-5520

  • Mike: or 314-420-6342

  • Jason: or 314 858 0098

  • Colleen: or 314 650 4406

  • Marken: 314-609-4701 or

  • Krista: 314-582-8884 or

  • Jim Bajzath: 314-374-6799 (text preferred) or


To be added or removed from this list contact


BAA provides trade information for your convenience, but takes no responsibility for the trade.