2020 Baseball/Softball Season News

Fall Ball starts September 28th. Please fill out schedule and turn in by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25th. You may turn in schedule availability to There will be NO online scheduling at this time. So please turn in availability form. Thanks!

NOTE: ALL UMPIRES WILL NEED TO FILL OUT NEW PAPERWORK THIS YEAR. We will be doing direct deposit (or pay card). Also, everyone needs to fill out Umpire Application (found in Umpiring Links to the left, filled out online). Please message or for the rest of the documentation.

PLEASE EMAIL to send your schedule.


  • 13 Years to Adults
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Training Dates are posted above
  • Contact the BAA Park Admin if interested: 

Pay Periods are listed below: Pay day is every other Friday and includes a 2 week period ending the previous Sunday. (Ex: 1st pay day is Friday April 12 for games from March 25 - April 7).  You will have the ability to have your paycheck auto deposited into a checking or savings account or a pay card will automatically be loaded on paydays.  


BAA Umpire Program Overview

Ballwin Athletic Association's umpire program is run by members of the Board of Directors.


Minimum age 13


All umpires new to umpiring and/or to the association are required to attend the testing and training sessions prior to each season. Testing and training for the Spring/Summer season is held in late February and early March. Testing and training for the Fall season is held at the end of July. BAA does accept experienced umpires throughout each season.


All umpires are ranked by the age group that they are qualified to umpire. 


Qualifications and influence of ranking include:

  • THIS YEAR: Game pay will be dependent on training attendance for ALL umpires
  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Field performance (positioning, presence, form, handling of situations
  • Promptness (to ball park and to field)
  • Being respectful at all times (to managers, supervisors, other all times)
  • Neatness (uniform and umpire room)
  • Age of umpire

All umpires who wish to umpire at BAA must have a registration form on file. Please see the form attached to this page.


If you have any questions you may contact the park administrator at


The umpire committee thanks you.

John Hernandez
Pat Murphy (UIC) 
Jason Neal,
Ted Repp 

BAA Uniform Supplies

A 2020 phone list and umpire reponsibilities will be given to you prior to your first game.

Umpire Dress Code 

  • Field 1, 2 & 3 umpires should wear gray pants. 
  • Fields 4, 5 and 6 umpires should wear dark blue, black or gray pants or shorts. 
  • All Umpires:
  • Dark blue or black hat (w/BAA logo or no logo)
  • Umpire shirt 
  • Bag with clicker and brush 
  • No white shoes

BAA provides all plate gear: Chest protector, shin guards & mask


BAA's umpire program includes non-refundable uniform costs:
Shirt:  $25.00 (powder blue BAA shirt)
Hat:    $10.00 (BAA hat optional. You may purchase your own elsewhere if so desired (dark blue or black)
Bag with clicker/plate brush:  $10.00 (optional - you may purchase your own elsewhere if so desired)
Rule Books: BAA will supply